Volunteer Application

Please complete the form below, or if you wish, you may download, print and mail a paper application to:

825C Merrimon Avenue, PMB 343
Asheville, NC  28804

Volunteer Application

  • Applicant Contact Information

  • Availability & Interest

  • Previous and Current Work/Volunteer Experience

    For each work / volunteer experience, state the organization or program name, dates, contact / supervisor and skills learned at the position.
  • Background Information

    At time of interview, applicants will be asked to provide their Social Security number and driver license number for a background check. By completing this application, the applicant authorizes Life 107 Ministries to conduct a multi-state background check.
    Please note that although your response may help to determine your training needs, it does not determine your acceptance as a volunteer.
  • Please include the name, relationship, address and phone number of three references. Please do not use relatives.
  • Applicant Verification and Release

    I recognize that the organization to which this application is being submitted is relying on the accuracy of the information contained herein. Accordingly, I affirm that all of the information I have provided is true, complete and correct. I authorize the organization to contact any person or entity listed in this application, and I further authorize any such person or entity to provide the organization with information, opinions and impressions relating to my background, character or qualifications. I voluntarily release the organization and any such person or entity listed herein from liability involving the communication of information relating to my background, character or qualifications. I agree to abide by the rules, policies and procedures of Life 107 Ministries and to protect confidentiality of all information at all times. I agree to hold in complete confidence all matters that come to my attention through my association with Life 107 Ministries. I will not disclose the location of the Call Center or any information about the people contacted through Life 107 Ministries. I will direct questions from the public or press to the Executive Director and/or Board of Directors.